The Aquarius Zrce is the second biggest Club at Zrce Beach.

As well as Papaya, Noa and Kalypso, the Aquarius is named in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs of the world on 25th place.

Every day at 3pm the legendary after beach partys are starting in Aquarius. In the middle of the big pool you can dance to the finest house beats, get some jumbo cocktails at the bar or rent a private pool in the VIP area. The view over zrce beach, the bay and the mountains in the background is just stunning.

In the nighttime the Aquarius is even bigger because the second open air area is now open too. That area is built like a stadium and all the main acts and top DJs play here at the festivals. This area has also a separated VIP area with a great view of zrce beach. The pool area where you were dancing in the afternoon is now a shiny dry dancefloor.

The entrance at the after beach partys is free every afternoon. The entrance in the evening depends on the festival. When there is no festival the entrance is free until midnight. After midnight it is only a few kuna.

There a some snack bars right next to the Aquarius where you can prepare yourself for the next party hours.

Here is a list of the festivals and artists in Aquarius 2017