Euphoria Club Zrce is one of the smallest clubs at zrce beach but perfect for the first drinks of the day or evening because of the low prices. Especially local DJs are playing their sets here. Entrance is always for free here. Euphoria Club includes two restaurants which are open the whole day. The pizzas are excellent here.

Deep Club

Deep Club Zrce opened in 2014 right next to Noa Beach Club. It is the perfect place to chill with deephouse music while the after beach partys are going crazy in the other clubs. You can play beer pong here or just join the free wifi. Entrance is always for free here.

Rocks Beach Club

Rocks Beach Club Zrce opened in 2016 and got a big pool with several bridges, bars and a dancefloor. The beautiful designed club is home of electronic DJ talents. During the day the Rocks Beach Club is perfect for tasty cocktails and a cooling in the pool.


Cocomo Club is not at zrce beach but in the city of Novalja. It opened in 1992 right in the middle of the promenade between several restaurants and bars. A lot of local people use to party here but tourists are also welcome to dance all night on the dancefloor on the ground floor or to chill in the lounge area in the first floor. During the day the Cocomo Club serves very tasty food.